Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well FINE!!! I guess I'll switch...

I opened up this morning to post a quick blog, only to find out that I HAVE to switch to the new blogger! There wand as no getting around it, I HAD to sign up to google and switch. So we shall see just what all the fuss was about. I hope they have all the bugs worked out, if not you will hear me yell!!

I was laying here sound asleep FINALLY at 515 this morning, after fighting with a plugged up nostril, then a drippy one, and a spasming back. Suddenly, YELP! YELP! YELP! Flash, the beagle puppy next door was put out to pottie and left there while his mommie got the kids up. I do not like a barking dog, and will yell at Sadie when she starts in with the yapping. But FLASH now, has learned to yodel as only a beagle can. annoying as HELL. I yelled out the window for him to shut the hell up, and finally after about 10 minutes, he did, but that was after I was fully awake. No hope now for getting back to sleep. So I am awake, posting on my laptop, and learning all about new blogger.

I am catching a cold, as you probably gathered from the last paragraph, and it is only in the right side of my nose. Actually I think it is Alder Pollen and allergies. But WHY only 1/2 of my nose? Can you only be allergic on one side of your face? How odd. I am never too far away from the nasal spray when I get like this. GRRRRR I hate being clogged up and then drippy! Eyes all itchy and watery, and goopy! Throat all scratchy, and just plain old yucky! I think I will fix a pot of coffee and watch the TODAY show. AAACHOOOOO! sorry.

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