Sunday, February 25, 2007

This and that...

As much as I liked it, the aquatard had to go back. Donna laughed when she tried to stuff my boobs into the top so we decided that the torso was too short, and that was where the problem lay. So she is ordering a tankiini top and bike short bottoms, which will or at least SHOULD work just fine. So sorry, no pictures, What I posted was as close as you will ever get, and it was REALLY close! I am built exactly like that. bird legs and bat wing arms and all stuck on an apple.

I start Aquarobics tomorrow night, and If I dont drown, and can still breathe after an hour of that, I will continue it every week until I get some strength back. My Arthritis is so bad, that I cant even walk to the corner without my back wanting to fold up on me. Gotta get over this. I dont want pain pills, and My Dr. says get out and walk, GADS...old age just is NOT for sissies. I certainly did not expect to be sitting on my arse during my retirement!

On my last post, I had quite a few new commentors, and I am glad to see you here! I enjoy meeting new people, and hope you stop by often, I will have the kettle on.

EDT: I do not eat Peter Pan Peanut butter, I am strictly a JIF gal, creamy style. ANd I dont shop at Wal-mart either, so we are fine. I read the article you linked to, and even though it was on base here, I have not heard of any outbreaks other than the ones in the paper. We are all fine. THanks for being concerned though. I would have sent you an email, but I am on my laptop, in bed, and I dont have your email in this address book.

Did everyone watch the OSCARS? I watched all 5 hours of them, LONG, but well done. THe fashions were wonderful, for a change, and everybody Behaved themselves.

ARRGHHHHH!! I just lost the bottom half of my post!! I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS.
I am not gonna try and rewrite it either. Be safe with all this nasty weather, and Wish me luck in the pool!

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