Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Ok, I went, I swam, It conquered!!

It felt so good to be back in the water after 40 some odd years! The weight came off my back, and I did not hurt for about 15 minutes! THEN she started! Miss "Lift them higher" oh GAWD!! I could not do all the moves that she said to do, but at least I kept moving. The pool was full of ladies all trying in various stages of moving, and the old timers were all gathered around the instructer. I figured that since I was 6'1"tall I would go as far to the middle as I could. SO I stood on the 4'6" line and moved. ANd Moved right off the ledge into the deep end and almost bought the farm! GLUB! BLUB! says I, panicking when I realized, I really could swim, so try it! I let go of the water weights and floated right over to the shallow end. WHEW!

I managed to make it the full 60 minutes, and was ready to declare victory, when I stepped up out fo the weightless water and on to dry land, with tons of gravity! OH GOD! I HURT! I HURT So much that I could not get to sleep last night. My Back kept spasming and my calves kept charlie-horsing. Oh this was FUN! Yeah RIght!

Actually, other than my back and my calves, and my shoulders, I feel pretty good, and I will go back, THere is a class for arthritics that I may ask about. If it is structured to help I may switch to that one. Or take one class alone and then alter the regular class to my own benefit.

And Yeah, nobody gives a hoot what you look like in the pool! I do thank GOD that I do not have fat legs. At least the bare part of me looks pretty good. THere was so much cellulite in that pool, that I was afraid we would cause a tsunami when weall jumped up and down.

GOtta run. chores to do and packages tto mail.

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