Sunday, October 01, 2006

Foggy Day...AGAIN

Friday as I left the house to go into Oak Harbor, I passed the road that goes the backway along the beach, and instead of going Uphill towards the highway I turned sharply to the right as I saw that a fog bank was forming, and the pictures would or COULD be spectacular.

Can you imagine being on a ship in the middle of the strait, depending on the numerous lighthouses to keep you off the rocks, and seeing them all fogged in. We do have backups with horns though.

You can see off to the right how the fog was coming in off the water and crawling up off the land. You can be driving along in full sun and WHAM!! you are in the thick dark grey fog and can not see!

More fog kinda of creeps you out looking up from the beach at this 160 yr old house. This was one of the first ones built by the white man in Washington. And the owner, Isaac Ebey, lost his head to the indians here.


This is the same house from up the hill on the prairie, this house was used in the film "Snow Falling On Cedars" GREAT movie!

I LOVE the fog! it shows so many different aspects of the same scene. When You see this house in the sun light, it looks so harmless, but when the crops are gone and the fields are overgrown, and the fog is swirling, it is really CREEPY!

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