Sunday, October 29, 2006


adak baby

This is a picture that I took 14 years ago when I was stationed on Adak Island in the Aleutians. The Eagle pictured here is an immature eagle, probably about 2-3 years old. Eagles are to Adak, like crows are to the Mainland. EVERYWHERE. They sit on Dumpsters out side the commissary, and wait for the garbage to be thrown out. They beg. They will swoop down and steal your hamburger out of your hands! Pesky critters they are, and thriving on the island. You can tell when the salmon are running, because they sit along the banks of the streams, creeks and lakes, and pick out their breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are fascinating to watch, and I got tons of eagle pictures while I was there, just not too many in a picturesque setting.

Last night I went to bed and the wind was blowing like crazy setting off the windchimes. It increased during the night, and by day break this morning it was bending the alders over. The sun was brightly shining in the bedroom window at 730! OOOO I like that! But by the time I got up, fixed and drank a pot of coffee and was ready to head outside, the dark clouds blew in with a ferocity, and then it started to rain, then sleet, and finally hailed!

Sadie and I decided that we would sit inside and watch it hail, and finish up some of the projects I had on the agenda for this weekend. I put up 10 jars of Applesauce, and baked a double batch of Oatmeal Scotchies cookies, with choc chips too. Then I stuck the picnic shoulder in the oven and cleaned up the kitchen.

Fall makes me want to be a homebody! I want to bake, I want to cook substantial meals, I want to have a fire in the wood stove, I want to prepare for winter. I should have been born in a previous century, as I LOVE to camp and read by lamp light. Not good for your eyes though.

This afternoon Suzie had three of her babies to the feeders. She was trying to get the suet feeder and everytime she tried, one of the babies would jump on her and try to get to her titties. She has weaned them, but I think this one must be a boy. You know how males are fixated to boobs! I took all the apple peelings and cores out to the feeders and they LOVE it! There was a lot, so I put most of them into the compost garden, and followed them with the tomato stalks, after I got all the green ones off for chutney!

Tonight's dinner is baby red potatoes roasted with the picnic shoulder, gravy and cornbread, with a side dollop of cranberry applesauce. Any takers?

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