Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I bought a new printer last month. An HP photosmart 3150, and it is an all in one, scanner, copier, printer. It really is nice, the printing is crisp and the photos are really sharp. BUT the stupid thing SUCKS down a color cartridge in 1 day!! I printed out 36 pictures 3X5 and it is almost 3/4 gone! It was brand new yesterday! My Photoshop 1000 was great too, but I could print forever with one cartridge. COst me 59.00 a shot but It would last. THese are teeny tiny little things, and only cost 21.00 but if it only prints 36-40 pictures, it aint worth it! My other one had over 20,000 pages through it, and the rollers were getting worn out. I had to push the paper into it to get it going. Still works though, may go back to it.

I notice that blogger is really pushing its new version of beta blogger. Has anyone out there tried it? I read it all, and they said if you convert, you cant go back, and I am not sure it will take haloscan. I like my haloscan, I like Blogger, and if they would just get the one they have to work correctly all the time, and take jpeg files like FTP, then it would be perfect! ah well. Let me know what you think if you have tried it.

I stayed in bed until almost noon today. I went to bed early last night, and could not sleep, so I laid there and read, laying on my stomach. My back did not hurt as long as I did not move. I finally fell asleep around 330 AM. Bob said he came in at 845 and Sadie and I were both snoring so loud, that he didnt want to wake us up. Turd did not even make a pot of coffee for me either!

He finally has his stove in and working, but now he is trying to figure out how to build the fires for the different jobs he needs it to do. Cook, heat soup, warm the house, bake biscuits, use the wok, etc. So since he is working with this new toy, I will probably not see him for the rest of the winter. He is worse than Rube Goldberg! comes in handy at times though.

Well the trash is at the road, for the first time in three weeks, (I keep forgetting), the floors are swept, the rugs are vaccumed, The kitchen is fairly clean, SO tomorrow I can do fun stuff. I took on the responsibility of making the kids program scrapbook, so I have to put Alladin in it, then I will be done until Christmas. I still have SHerry's scrapbook to do, but it is really hard when you dont know the people. I will leave her lots of room to put in her own journaling.

I need to go see Tim, probably the weekend of the 28-29! He is on bedrest right now as He got bit by a nasty spider, and his knee is all messed up. Poor baby!

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