Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our Town keeps me busy...


Well I am back in the saddle, at least for a month or so. I have been very busy setting lights and doing cues for the play. Yesterday I spent almost 12 hours at the Plyahouse, all the while with strep Throat! I dont have time to be sick

Emily Webb is a young woman who lives next door to George Gibbs, and through the first Act, they are falling in Love, The second act they Marry, and this is a picture during Act 3, where Emily has died during childbirth, and she is at the graveyard, talking to her dead relatives, and trying to understand why she has to be there.

Candice Baker is playing the Part of Emily, and she is only 16, but does it so convincingly! She has been on stage since she was tiny, and now is able to hold a starring role all on her own!


Fil Baca plays the part of the Stage Manager who talks the audience through the whole story, using their imaginations. It is a wonderful story, and Fil is a wonderful actor in the part! He also played Capt. Qweeg in my last play, Caine Mutiny COurt Martial.

So if you do not see me for awhile, come on down to the playhouse, and see the play, and look up in the light booth, I will be there setting cues, arranging things and trying oh so hard not to give in to this damn sore throat.

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