Thursday, October 19, 2006

Raining cats and dogs...


One of the things that most people think about when talking about Washington state is the rain. We have Rain forests, where the rain falls equal more than 150" a year. We never use umbrellas, They just get blown inside out in the wind. We always know exactly where our sunglasses are, because when the sun DOES break through, it is blinding.

We have been so very fortunate, (or not) to have just gone through the driest summer on record. We had very little rain from May through Sept. However it is now October, and man do we have RAIN! It has not stopped in a week! It has rained and rained. We need it though. Our reservoirs are very low. We also need the snow pack in the mountains to keep those reservoirs and lakes full during the next dry spell.

I was very worried about the critters being able to get enough water, as there are no creeks, puddles or lakes around here, just the sound, and it is salt water. SO all summer long, I have kept the birdbaths full. I have tow of them with a board between the two for the squirrels to perch on. Now the bird baths are overflowing, so I guess I need not worry any more.

this morning I heard the very distinctive EEK, EEK, chu chu chu EEK, coming from the alders, which means that the grey squirrels were heading down from the canopy. They are a very social animal, unlike Lola, the Douglas Squirrels, who are very territorial. The grey ones made their way in a train like fashion, down the trees, along the fence top and up into the feeders. 2 young ones and an older one. The young ones are skitterish yet, but the older one knows that when the door knob turns, it means Sadie is loose, so she yells, and runs, and the little ones run up a tree and hide. Sadie was sitting in the window just quivering at them. Tough!

the rain has not curtailed the critters, in fact if anything, they have increased. Maybe they know something we don't. Maybe We ought to take heed and store up for the coming winter. Sposed to be warm and wet, but the way these guys are scarfing it all down, I'm putting my money on COLD and dry! Well maybe...

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