Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pissed Mommie...

So I am getting ready to go to the playhouse and work on lights, and Lint decides that he wants to play "let me out". This game consists of Lint going to the front door and screaming, so I get up to the door and he runs away, this goes on for two or three times.

Finally I am trying to get Sadie ready to go bye-bye, gather up my gear and slip on my shoes when he wants out again. I told him to wait just a minute. He goes to the door and yells and then runs under the desk.

I get everything ready, and reach down for my purse beside my desk and I notice a puddle. I wiped it up and chewed Sadie out, really chewed her out, because she has not done that in a LOOOOONG time. I grab my purse, and open the door, and Lint damn near knocks me over getting out.

I get everything in the car and drive on in to Oak Harbor. I stopped at the COffee drive thru and order a cup of coffee and a cookie, reach into my purse for my wallet, and right into a purse full of cat pee!!!! THe ASSHOLE BASTARD backed up to my purse and proceeded to fill it with piss, just because I told him to wait 30 seconds.

I pulled out a dripping 5 dollar bill, paid for my coffee and proceeded on my way to the playhouse. When I got home, I took everything out of my purse, and what I could wash off with lysol, I did, and then I threw the purse still fully usable, into the garbage!

I paid my mortgage payment with the last two soaking wet checks in the checkbook.

Sometimes there are no words...

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