Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Apple a day...

Tomorrow, among the other things that I should be doing, I need to make applesauce. My dear darling most beloved daughter LOVES her Mom's applesauce, and I am out. SO I mentioned getting apples, and Judy my new friend from the light booth, brought me in two bags of them. They are really small apples, but My bloodsugar was crashing last night and I needed to grab something quick, so I grabbed one of those red apples and bit into it! It was the SWEETEST, JUICIEST, CRUNCHIEST apple! SO I had two, and a glass of milk. Brought the glucose back to the staying alive levels.

There are green ones in there too, so I will have to see how they cook up. I make spicy applesauce with cloves, and cinnamon, and whole cranberries. YUMMY. I do not puree the apples either, just leave them really chunky. Basically I peel, core and slice them all at one time with the magic little machine I have, then dump them into the pot, cover with water until they are tender and then drain and stir really well with the sugar and spices.

I Love to can! I don't know why, it must be that feeling of pure accomplishment that comes with putting something in a jar and on the shelf and having it sit there for the rest of the year. I made a ton of pickles one year, and had to give them all away when I moved!

Today was another jewel in our crown of gorgeous days stuck in the middle of autumn!
It was not hot, just warmish, and the fog lifted about noon so the grass dried out enough to run the lawn mower over it so Sadie has a place to pee. Tomorrow if it doesn't rain, I need to get the rest of the back yard done, and save the apples for a rainy day chore.

Know anybody close that has an over abundance of apples? I'm looking!

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