Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shine on Harvest Moon...

Last night, The moon was shining big and bright as it came over the alders and lit up the back yard. I had just let Sadie out for her before bed pottie, and decided that wsince it was so still and cold, I would just stand on the deck and drink it all in.

Sadie was lost behind the peach tree, so I was loving the sight of the moon. I started singing, "Shine on , Shine on HArvest Moon, up in the sky" and so did Sadie. I just laughed and sang at the top of my lungs while she did the same. I knew the young family next door was gone, and Lea is dead and her house is empty now, so I seranaded the critters in the woods. Sadie is getting real good at singing with Mommie! She sticks her little nose straight up in the air and puckers her little mouth and howls like crazy! I love it! It is soooo funny!!!

I am just very glad the neighbors were gone, I know they think I am a tad bit strange anyway, and this would have just suitcased it!

THe moon sure was pretty though. THen the clouds came in and about 400 AM the moon was shining through the clouds and had a ring around it. I know it was getting cold, SO I shined my flashlight at the thermometer on the bird feeder, and it was already at 38 degrees! Time to start thinking about bringing in the wood for a fire. And also start thinking about putting the electric blanket back on the bed.

I do love cold crisp clear nights! ahhhhhhh! you can breathe so easy!

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