Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another one in the bag...

We struck OUR TOWN tonight. Easy set to strike! We only had the five back flats and 3 side flats to remove. We had minimal scenery and props, so I vaccumed the balcony where Me and Judy spent our time with the show, and straightened it up for the next show, and then I cleared off the bulletin board and boogied. My back was in such pain again. I seriously think it was from that nasty old chair I had to sit on for 6 shows.

Last night I almost had a heart attack because Fil who was playing the Stage Manager, jumped a few pages in the 2nd act and started right in on the soda fountain scene, meanwhile everyone else was cued in for the breakfast scene. SOme how he pulled it out and we went right on as if nothing had happened. THen He skipped the most important part of the play, in the 3rd act where he is expalining how the dead people are waiting for something eternal. Just jumped right over it, and into the next scene. We made it though. THestage helpers put the soda fountain in the wrong place totally out of the light I aimed on it. SO I am putzing through the light board finding lights that put the two actors in good light. I did it, but it was an obvious goof!

THat is one of the things that is fun about COmmunity THeater, We are all volunteers, and no one gets paid any money. So we have to learn to laugh at the boo-boos.

We closed it down with a great show tonight, only one or two minor goofs, and a great audience. That is what makes it all worth while, the audience! Last night I swear the 37 or so people that did not go to the last home football game of the season all fell asleep during the show. THey were DEAD DULL!

I am going to sleep in tomorrow. I am wound up right now, and probably will not go to bed until 3 or 4. I have to try and figure out what is wrong that my computer does not recognize my dvr drive! I need to copy 20 cd's full of cast pictures and I can not get it to copy at all. Says the F drive is not accessible!! arrrghhh. Like I said before, I know just enough about computers to know that I dont know enough! I am sure it is a simple fix. I think I will just bite the bullet and call the Computer Clinic and have John come out and take off what I dont need, and re partition my hard drive, and install a new modem and optimize it. THen I can save money for the next two or three yearil I have enough to by a new one!

Next show is FOREVER PLAID, in June, so I will have a few months off. Have to read quite a few plays for the season committee for next year. SO I will be here and there, and if you need me, I am at dreamer (at) galaxynet (dot) com and of course posting on here when I can.

HAve a great Sunday everyone.

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