Friday, September 29, 2006

A Keewee Lunch...

I met Keewee for Luch today, and it is the first time we had actually seen each other. We have talked on the phone several times, but never actually met.

One of the questions I like to ask new people is "how did you find my blog?" She found me through GINCO LEAVES. Now how did Ginco find me? I have no clue. I saw keewee in my comments, and checked out her blog and found out she lives right over there ^^^^! I thought Phyllis and I were the only Bloggers on Whidbey because every time I mention blogging people look at me like WHA...?

Any Way Keewee is from New Zealand, and has been here for about 14+ years. (I forgot how long!) Her entire family is still there, but her heart is here and so is she.

GincoLeaves is from South Africa, now, maybe she knows WIndspirit and Vanessa. I love to know how people found me.

Last night I was googling Harvest Moon or something similar, and the #1 hit was LIFE AFTER NEXCOM mentioning both Phyllis and myself. ????? It is so strange how searches go.

Keewee and DIck And Phyllis and I are going to have to all meet for lunch, coffee, tea, or just for fun real soon.

How did you find my blog? All you non-blog writers lurking out there, How did YOU find me? Carla, Mary Lou/Tx and the others...I'm sure curious.

Blogging is such a pleasure, and through it you meet the dearest people! I just wish one of us would win the big lottery so we can all get together and meet in person. Michelle?


Some of you know that I have a teenaged friend who found out she had cancer in her leg, and had to go in for chemo last year. Well she has been through it for the past year and a half, and I got this from her Mom tonight!

She's finally DONE with the chemo!!! last one 09/29/2006...Did happy dance with nurses, doc says get outta here. She's sleeping now, have to get the blood counts up by Friday, (have to be able to go to homecoming...) then the following week final scans, central line out, and Oct 16 home!!!
Guess I need to figure out how to cook again.

more later, seems I was in hospital with her this week, forgot to go to work - chatter later!!!
Hope all's well in the various parts of the country

Thank Goodness!! Now she can do her Senior year with HAIR!

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