Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Still Burning!!

As you can tell, Our State is still on fire. The moon tonight was absolutely gorgeous coming over the Cascades, but it was bright orange because of the smoke!

Tim is still over at the Columbia COmplex FIre, but there is another one that is growing and has crossed the border into Canada. The Tatoosh COmplex is about to merge with the Tripod Complex just North of Winthrop, Wa. So now the entire Pasyten Wilderness is closed to camping and hunting.

ALl of these pictures were taken by Forest Service Employees, and are awesome!! I especially like the yellow Caution primative road, no warning signs that is all melted.

IF we dont get some rain soon the whole state could go! THe Western part along the coast is fine because of the fog coming in at night, but the humidity is so low in Eastern Washington that everything is ready to burn.

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