Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Foggy Bridge...

Today I took my Brother Mike up to Bellingham 2 hrs away to the Pain CLinic. He is trying to find out just wexactly WHERE he back and leg pain is coming from.

We left at 800AM, and the fog was laying really low and heavy in the valleys. As We drove over Deception Pass Bridge, we couldnt see the water, as the fog was so thick. It was like driving into a big white cloud, and trusting that the other end of the bridge was really still there.

We wandered through the dried up fields along the bayview slough, and down Farm To Market Road, to I-5. The fields were all dust powdered dust, we have had no rain for over two months, and it is really really bad out there. Sme of the crops have just withered on the vine. SAD!

as we drove into Bellingham proper, I noticed that the freeway overpasses were all dusty and the brush was as brown as California! I noticed that the light was hitting the road just the same as it did in San DIego. THe traffic was MURDER! Just like So. Ca! ARRGGH! What happened to my sleepy little college town? It grew into a horrendous metropolis, with people all concerned about getting there faster than you and they dont care who they cut off, or hit.

I sat in the car for the two and a half hours he was in the Lab, and then we drove home.

As we were approaching the Bridge, the traffic was slowing way down. I looked over the side and could not see the pass, so I assumed the fog was still there. It was! Only when the fog was there it was moving very fast up and over the bridge, and down again into the channel. It was just beautiful. I told Mike, that if I googled fog on bridge I would find the right picture, and I did, DId not even have to stop and fight the tourists to get the shot either. THere really is nothing as beautiful as a foggy day at Deception Pass! ANd there are a million pictures out there to prove it. Google DECEPTION PASS BRIDGE and see for yourself. JUst please dont move here.
Our island is FULL!

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