Thursday, September 14, 2006


Well, Tis time to drag out the electric blanket. I can not build a fire yet, as we have a burn ban on, and besides, no fires and no heat until Nov 1 in this house. At least that is how it HAS been, until this year. I may give up and build one this weekend if it stays this cold.

We have had a Low blow in, and the Jet Stream has dipped way south, so all that cold arctic air is slamming in to us. THere is even SNOW on the higher passes today! WHOA!!

Last night it started raining and it poured for about 3 hours! it smelled so good! Fresh and cool! You could actually hear the plants gulping in all the moisture! It was 44 at 330 this morning! As I turned on the Noon news they were talking about the thunderstorms we were expecting to have. We hardly EVER have Thunder and lightning. We didnt today either, at least not here.

As I drove into Oak Harbor this evening, The thunderhead clouds were backlit by the sun, and they were all edged in bright white, and the clouds in front were dark gray. It was so pretty! I wanted to stop and get a picture, however the traffic was too heavy. So I just enjoyed it while I drove in!

I actually turned the heat on in the car on the way home. I am wearing fuzzy socks everyday because my poor feet just FREEZE! THe heat felt really good on my arthritic toes too! I may have to rethink this no heat until Nov 1 rule. Or live under the blanket!

So will this stay cold like it is or will it clear up and then freeze and then get warm again...a real Indian Summer? Time will tell I guess...What does the Farmer's ALmanac say?

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