Monday, September 18, 2006

The Olympic Rainforest...


Saturday I went to see my SOn who is on the Olympic Penninsula right smack dab in the middle of the Rain Forest. I snapped a few pictures of a section just off the highway.


Take a real hard look at the size of the stumps there. They are bigger than my car was. ANd these are second growth Cedars!!


Can you imagine what this area must have looked like when the WHiteman first came here? Trees as big as a house! and thick and dripping with moss. THe loggers had a heyday in the 30's when they first cut it down. and ever since then they have beem clearcutting and raping this land. You can believe what you would like, but in truth, we have GOT to start conserving our natural wildernesses or there will be none left.

THis is what it looks like now on Public land, not protected by the National Park.
It hits you right smack in the face as you drive along highway 101. Yes, weyerhauser and Georgia Pacific and Plum Creek all are doing their part to reforest the land, but it all comes down to the fact that they are doing it fast enough, and they are not stopping the loggers from denuding areas not in the public eye.
Not only are we losing our trees, but we are losing the habitat for the natural wild animals also.

When the loggers cut the trees, the land is eroded into the gravel streams, which then become murky with mud. THe salmon then can not spawn in those streams as they are too clogged with silt to allow them the gravel beds they need to lay their eggs.
SO think about it every time you want to vote for incursion into WIlderness areas. It just is not worth it. SOon there will be no more Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, Elk, Bears, COugars and no more virgin growth forests to wonder at.


From Port ANgeles on around on Highway 101 and down to Aberdeen, there is only one town, FOrks, and it is small. so get a map out, seriously, and look at Washington State, and the Olympic Penninsula. and see just how much land there is there, and it is all being harvested.

Now go straight up into Canada and look at the size of Vancouver Island, and realize that it also is being logged and raped. I flew over both of these places on my way to Alaska and the rivers were all running brown with mud, way into the Strait, and into the Pacific Ocean, and all of the Mountain tops On Vancouver Island were denuded and treeless. It is so sad people! Makes you want to cry!

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