Friday, September 15, 2006

The rain Forest...

Tomorrow I will be off bright and early to catch the first ferry off to THe Olympic Penninsula, and then a 4 hour drive along Lake Crescent, through the edge of the Olympic National Park and through the Indian reservations, and then along the rugged Washington Coast to the Hoh River. The Hoh River is the Home of the Olympic Rain Forest, where there is more rain than anywhere else on the coast.

It is also the trail head of the prettiest trail in the park, and the Hoh River head waters. It is also where the Olympic Correction Center is and my SOn TIm.

Tim passed his Pack test this week, and is now qualified to fight on the fire line, and is on call for the next fire team to go. I told him that if he got called to let me know, as I did not want to get all the way over there and find him over in Eastern Wash again! With all the rain we have had, yesterday and today there shouldnt be any new fires, unless they are started by lightning.

I probably wont be back to blog until Sunday evening, and maybe not even then, as I have a date to meet Barbara for Lunch and then a matinee at the Playhouse. So...Until I post again...Have a great weekend!

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