Friday, September 22, 2006

Our Town


The Pulitzer Prize winning play by Thornton WIlder is in production right now. We started rehearsing a month ago, and we open on October 13.

This is a short run becasue it is an off-season show. The season has been chosen, and there was a space that we could stick an easy to produce play into, so DOttie wanted to direct a play and I suggested it be Our TOwn. No set is needed, it is all imagination, the house and bedroom windows are two step ladders.

It is the story of life in a simpler time, New England in 1904. Life, birth, growing up, falling in love and marrying, and death are all seen through the eyes of the Stage Manager. It is a heartwarming play, that almost everyone has either seen, been in or knew someone in during high school.

If you get the chance, go see it, it is an attitude adjuster, and you will be richer for it.

Fall has come with a BANG! Literally!! I was sound asleep and about 230 BAM! then rumble, rumble rumble and then the rain started!! It Poured and poured!! It got down to 40 last night, and with the clouds clearing it just might get to the 30's tonight!

I have been watching my tomatoes try to ripen for the past few weeks, and I got one so far. I have about ten almost blushing and yesterday I saw the Grey Squirrel, Susie, running down the top of the fence line with a big green tomato stuck in her Mouth! THIEF!!!! She was so proud of her self. head held high and tail swishing away she went to her hole in the tree top!

I actually have Lola coming when I call her! SHe wont let me get close, but when I call her and whistle, she comes. COuld it be that she actually thinks I am the one putting out the Sunflower seeds and nuts for her? Foolish squirrel!

I gave Bea a left over corn on the cob the other night and she was so funny eating it. SHe had her back feet on either side of her front feet holding it down, and was munching away just like a typewriter! so FUNNY!!! Then this morning I noticed that the COB was GONE!! She ate the whole THING!!! I hope she can pass it without hurting herself!

She really is having fun running all over the house again. Being caged up for three months was hard on her. I would not let her on the subflooring as it was OSB board, and I was not sure what the glue was, and bunnies do chew.

SAdie is having fun chasing the neighborhood cats out of the yard, and my cats are pissed because they cant get out. After losing chitters, (SOB!!!) I will NOT let them out side at all!

THe grass is starting to grow again with all the rain, so this weekend I will have to get out the mower again. (ugh) Maybe two more times before it is safe to store it for the winter.

I have a big project ahead of me. I asked Bob to rototill me a garden spot, because I just bought over three hundred flower bulbs at Costco and they need to be planted before November. Next Spring I will have some pretty flowers to post about! (IF that is I can get Bob to get it done!) Wish me luck!

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