Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I left the Island at 845, and made it all the way over to the Hoh Rainforest, and turned off of 101. I drove up Hoh river rd to the rain forest, and did not see the Olympic corrections center, so I figured I must have missed it.

Being the always prepared girl scout that I am, I stopped in Forks at the Olympic National Park headquarters, and bought two maps. SO I pulled over and drug them out and found out that I was on the rd on the WRONG side of the river. SO I head the 25 miles back to the Hiway 101, and headed down it another 5 miles, to the Hoh MAINLINE Rd. Which is not, by the way, signed. IT had a small little sign that said OCC that way. Nothing else. SO I turned on the rd, which was paved nicely, and headed up it. No signs, no mileposts, no mailboxes, no traffic, no houses, NOTHING! NADA. Just about the time I was about to turn around, I saw a faded sign on the trees saying not to pick up hitch hikers, wa. correction center. AHA!!! Getting close!

Nothing else for another couple of miles. THen a really pretty carved sign and a very landscaped area around a big mailbox, which was the place! I turned in and followed the sign to the parking spots, and the visitors center. THere were bunnies hopping all over, and deer munching on the flowers that were planted all around the edges of the green grass.


I went in and they called Tim down. I got to touch him and give him a big huge hug! That felt so GOOD! He has gained about 20 lbs, all from working the kitchen crew at the fire. Sheesh. BUT, He is going back tomorrow, and this time he will be working the fire line, as he came back and passed his "Pack" test, and showed he was qualified to fight fires. He has been on fire watch in the rain forest for the past week. POURING RAIN...and dripping. But he saw a big black bear and lots of elk as he was way up into the forest all most up to Mt. Olympus. He is loving it!

I told him that he was supposed to WANT to get out of there. He laughed. THere are no locked gates, and he is in minimum security, so he is well cared for. I can rest easy, that my baby is safe!

He had his birthday sans presents and cake, but he got to see his mommie! that counted for something. I made it back to the Ferry landing in about 3 hours, which was good, because I got home before dark. THe sun was setting just as the clouds were clearing off, so I got a couple of cool pictures. One of the clouds, and one of the reflections on the water.




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