Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another project completed!

Sherri and I finally finished wallpapering the kitchen, so the granny apple green walls are now gone. I liked them but I think I was the only one. So I covered them up with wallpaper. And we ran out, so behind the fridge is still green until I can afford to order another roll. It isn't much, but this month is maxed out with water bill and car insurance. So in October I can finish that little task. We will put up the border in the living room area week after next.

It rained yesterday, however, it was not for long, and now the sun is back and expected to stay around for another week or so. I have a feeling that when the fall finally FALLS, that it will fall hard and COLD! Right now it is down in the low forties. Time to close the windows, and haul out the electric blanket.

Tim called last night, HE is back in forks for a while. They rotate in and out, and as soon as they got back to OCC they were told they would be going out again in four days. No one official has told him that, just prison gossip. He is loving the work he is doing though. He thinks this time they will go to the Tatoosh Complex fire, which is now an international fire. It has burned through the border and now is being fought on both sides, by US and Canadian fire fighters. We have 12 fires going right now, all but two started by lightning! So dry out there.

If any of you out there have Lifetime Movie Channel and get the chance to watch THE MERMAID's CHAIR, DO it! It is a movie that you can lose yourself in. I sat still for 2 full hours watching it and not moving. It is a really good Chick Flick. Leslie, you will LOVE it. So worth the time spent sitting there. I think it is on again tomorrow night. Not sure of the time though, as I have DISH Network, and the times are different than Cable.

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