Tuesday, September 12, 2006

a change is in the air..

THere is a definate change in the air the past two days. It is foggier, it is colder, it is windier, and it is still very very dry. We are expecting a Low to slide down from BC, starting tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully it will bring the much needed and anticipated rain.

Last evening just as the sun went down I heard a loud racket out side, and looked out my bedroom window just in time to see a flock of about 50 Canadian Geese heading NORTH in the typical V formation and honking like mad at their leader! I wasn't sure if they were encouraging him or telling him HEY DUDE, SOuth is THATAWAY!

Sadie almost went through the screen trying to get to them. THey were right over the rooftops! THen as the night wore on it got LOUDER, this time with a great horned owl, and then the barred owls all hooting to establish their own trees. THe COyotes started about then, yipping and cay-yi-ing. No sooner than they all quieted down then Jupiter next door got in a fight with anothe cat, and they sat on the fence caterwalling at each other until I went out and shooed them away! Sadie almost did it again. SHe really thinks that any critter in her yard is fair game.

Tonight it got foggy early, and with the fog, came the chilly wind. Rustling the Dry ALder leaves, and turning the maple leaves a pretty orange and yellow. I expect a frost before October is over!

Weatherman said that it will turn rainy and cold and stay that way for a few weeks. We shall see what transpires. Cant wait to see what Farmers Almanac says. I actually closed all but my bedroom window tonight too!

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