Thursday, June 08, 2006


bills afghan

I just realized that I have not posted a picture of my latest Afghan. This one is for my SIL, Bill. He wanted sage and brown, and I found this pattern that used different colors of the same hue to make different squares. It is a Giant Granny according to the pattern. I really like it!! It was fun to do too. Even Bob likes it, so I may have to make him one in the same color scheme. I think they both like it because it looks like camoflauge!



I finally finished the wall in the living room, changed the color, and repainted it. Here it is all finished!!! THe rest of the room is a light Yellow.

Another project completed!!



This is the hall bathroom. I painted it an oceanic blue, even though it looks kinda green here. It is a tropical light blue! I really like it!! Now I have to find some money to decorate it with!!

and another room finished and waiting for the floor.


I have JUST finished painting my bedroom, but I cant cross it off the list yet, because I am waiting for the final paint on the ceiling to dry so I can put the wall paper border up, then I can post a picture of that and cross it off.

I was planning on painting the utility room tonight, but the dryer vent came loose again, and it is a real pain to crawl back there and re-tape it. SO I will wait until the floors get installed, and then I will paint and re tape all at one time. Unless I get really antsy and want it done NOW!!!

I am even reconsidering the yellow in the living room. It is only 1-2 years old, but I think I may go with a light taupe or a latte. Still thinking on that one. THe kitchen is such a gren green that I am afraid It needs to get redone also. THe vinyl is a loden green I think.

I have this drive to get it all done!! I am tired of living in a half done house. Bob still has not finished his place, and it is almost 10 years old. I refuse to do that anymore. FINISH THOSE PROJECTS!!!

If it quits raining tomorrow, (HA!) I want to get out and scrub the deck with deck wash, and get all the mildew off of it. THen I can migrate outside to blogwalk. I have a screen on my laptop, that does not show up in the bright sun, but I think there is a screen you can put over it to keep it visible isnt there? THe liquid crystal just turns black!! Phfftt. I found a copy of Windows XP professional, and now I am up and running with office 2003 on it too. WHOOT!!

Maybe I need to get all these projects off my back so I can concentrate on the next great american novel. (LOLOLOLOLOL)

Floors Plus says that it will be July 1 at the earliest before the floors are dry enough to replace. Now who would have thought that water on a floor for 30 minutes would cause so much chaos!! I will be ready for a long vacation when they are done!!

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