Thursday, June 15, 2006

I hate WAITING!!!!

I hate waiting for people!  I just HATE it.  It seems like I have spent half of my life waiting for SOMEONE!  
     Waiting for babies to arrive…both babies were 6 weeks late
     Waiting for ships to leave,
     Waiting for ships to arrive
     Waiting for planes to arrive
     Waiting for Dr. appts.
     Waiting for meetings
     Waiting for contractors

I just HATE it!

Last night I got a call from Floors Plus, they wanted to come get readings on the floor today between 11 and 12.  Ok, So I haul my sore body out of bed, groggy from Excedin PM hangover and Allergies, get myself ready to meet the contractor, corral the cats and put them into the garage, put Sadie outside, so she would not take a leg off the guy!  Fixed a pot of coffee and sat here at the computer playing solitare, (cant get on line in case they needed to call me) and WAITED! And WAITED! Finally at 1230 a full 90 minutes late, he shows up all cheerful and cute, and took the readings and left.  There were things I needed to do, but none of which I could stop in a jiffy and show him around.  

One of the really bad things about this whole mess, is that there are three different entities that need to come out, and they work me in between others, so I really cant go anywhere,  in case they need to get out and move a fan or a dehumidifier. (they could leave me the moisture meter and I could move the equipment, but I guess that would be breaking their rice bowl!)

So now it is 100 and I have the rest of the afternoon to myself.  My house is still all torn up, I cant clean house, cant put anything away as everything that I would put it away on/in is in the living room or stacked in the spare room.  The underlayment and the subflooring is made of really crappy OSB, and it chips off really easily, so sweeping or vacuuming just tears up the floor.  (you oughta see my fuzzy !)

It has been 4 weeks and STILL the floors are not dry enough to finish!  Makes you wonder why when you spill something on a floor, you can wipe it up and the floor is dry.  ARRGGHHHH!!

I just want my house all back together, the floors all refinished, the furniture all put back where it belongs and the baseboards back up.  Then I can sort of relax until the next crisis hits, and the way my life is going, it wont be long.

five weird habits/facts about myself

1. I HAVE to put my left shoe on first , If I forget and put the wrong shoe on I have to take them both off and start over.

2. I am NOT a housekeeper. However if someone comes to do something for me, It must be JUST right! Bob actually told me one day that some times perfection gets in the way of good enough! Put down his hammer and walked away. I keep my mouth shut around him now.

3. If I have a year to get something done, I will wait until day 363 and then panic and get it done. I don’t know why, I just do. And I really work better under pressure, however It makes me CRAZY!

4. I absolutely LOVE See’s bon-bons. Especially the orange ones and the tipperary ones. I will eat the whole bag on the 45 mile trip home. Needless to say, I don’t get them very often.

5. The sheer thought of getting out in the dating world again,SCARES ME TO DEATH! Getting naked again in front of a man is terrifying! So I wont! Bob is safe! Platonic, but safe!

I am NOT going to tag anyone on this, Because I hate to put pressure on anyone, but feel free….

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