Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bad Mommie...

I have absolutely neglected Miss Bea Bunny since the flood. I usually let her out of her cage as soon as I let Sadie out in the morning, and then Loki and Bea chase each other around in the spare room. (Library now) She did not like to get out on the Living room floor as it was too slick and she could not get her footing. So she would hop into the Library and hide under the rocker, or behind the bookcases, until Loki would chase her out. THey are really quite cute together.

Bea is a Jersey Wooley, a dwarf size long haired rabbit. Her wool is 10" long and her coat gets quite thick. She sheds it down in the spring, but this spring I forgot to groom her and she got terribly terribly matted.

Today I decided to try and cut the mats off. I took her into the bathroom and put her in the tub (no water) so I could contain her easily. I then put her in my lap and started trimming. I got almost a whole grocery sack of wool off of her. I then turned her over to trim around her tail and her vent. I could not tell which was tail and which was fur! I felt, and could not find her tail. It was all matted up together. I did the best I could and got her vent trimmed, and the mats on her head off too.

Her toenails have never been trimmed and they looked just like an old chinese man all long and curly. I trimmed them down, and then tried to get them shorter without hitting the quick. I hit the quick, and blood shot across the bathroom and all over the wall. I was so terrified that I had really hurt her, and she did not even squeal! just jerked a bit.

Sadie was having a fit because I had her bunny and was taking all her fur off. she was not at all happy about it, and was trying to lick her face, or her fanny, which ever end she could get to.

When I had most of the mats off, I put her back into her cage, and picked a giant handfull of bunny bon-bons (rose petals)gave her a nana chip and fresh water and hay and she settled in fine. Tomorrow I am going to set her in about 1 " of warm water to soak off the dirty stuff she sits in, and she will be a nice bunny again. She is pottie trained, and loves her kitties, and her doggie. Sadie stuck her nose into the cage as soon as I put her back and made sure she was ok. They are cute together, but I dont for one minute think that Sadie would not try to eat her if given the chance. Animals being what they are and all.

So now I am a good mommie again, and Bea is a happy bunny, and Tomorrow she will be a CLEAN happy bunny. She cuddles up so sweet, and gives what they call tooth purrs, she will grind her teeth with contentment. Loves to have her ears rubbed too. Just DO NOT touch her vent! She will bite then! Good Girl!! If only I could have taught my daughter that...

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