Thursday, June 29, 2006

ARRGGGHHH!!!!....Serious Whining ahead...AGAIN!!

I want to run away!!! Floors Plus came out again today to take readings on the floor. It is going on 7 weeks now since the flood, and they are saying at LEAST another week!! I am sooo sick of this shit!! I have things out of closets sitting on the floor in the livingroom, the office is all torn up, the library is a mess, and the kitchen has no floor. THe Hall bathroom has no floor and no toilet!!

Do yourselves a favor right now and go double check your hoses from your washer, and make sure they are connected and connected tightly!! I would not wish this on my worst enemy!! What is worse is I am imagining I smell mold. We have fans going so it really cant be mold, but I swear I smell it. I want my house put back together again. I want to get on with finishing my scrapbooks for the kids and SIL! I dont have to worry about Tims, as he cant have it until he gets out of Prison, and I may not even have Donnas ready this year. I want to get them done!!!

I am getting so depressed with not having things done!! I need a vacation. I want to crawl into a hole and cry! I think I have cabin fever. HELP!!!!!!! ARRGGHHHH!!!!!! I want my floors done!!!!!

Ok, Im done for tonight!!

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