Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The babies are flying...

The baby Woodpeckers are fledged and learning how to survive. THey are so cute with their fuzzy baby feathers sticking out from under their big boy clothes, but still sticking real close to Momma!

I have to refill the suet feeders twice a week now because the population of woodpeckers has suddenly increased by three times! At first I was not sure it was babies until I saw this pair and momma was filling her beak with suet and then feeding the baby. Once the babies have figured out what to do then Momma and the baby both fly away and then baby comes back, and then just like a human baby learning how to eat, they will peck at the suet, and get it all over their face and into their feathers and eyes. THey are so much fun to watch. THe Male babies have a bright red patch on the top of their heads, and as they grow, the red patch moves down the back of their neck, almost as if they were growing through their feathers.

Hairy woodpeckers are twice the size of the DOwny woodpeckers and have a longer beak, but other than that they are identical. THe babies are really trying their wings and their voices along with learning how to eat.

Nothing boring about my back yard!