Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mark one job Completed!

My SIL Sherry came over and helped me put the wallpaper border up in my bedroom and finish the bathroom so finally after 3 years, of incomplete bedroom, I am now complete!!! I am still waiting for the floors and the trim to be completed, but that is out of my hands. Barbara is planning on doing the trim in July! when ever the carpets get installed I have no idea.

It looks so pretty in my bedroom now. Now more cobwebs! No more smoke shadows from the woodstove! whoot! All I need to do now is decorate!! I swiped a discarded bookcase from my neighbors driveway, and I am gonna paint it white tomorrow and then install that in my bedroom. ANother place to stack books!

Sherry and I then went out back and while she weeded the fence line, I applied deck wash to the mossy deck! It did take the moss off, but it did NOT clean the deck completely like it said it would, SO tomorrow I will get out there with Tide and Clorox and get the job done right.

I'm Getting there folks!! Now if only FLoors Plus calls tomorrow and says they are ready to install!! I SOOOOO want this over!! I will really be ready for a vacation after this...

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