Saturday, June 17, 2006

So Sweet!

This is why I love new born kittens so very much!! THey are so sweet and helpless. They purr from the very beginning, and even before their eyes are completely open, they are wobbling around trying to play.

Growing up we had cats all the time, and sometimes they would have a litter of kittens, that we were attached to before they had to be given away. I always was in the box and picking them up. I was told not to, because their Mommy would not like that and would move them. SOmetimes she did, but I always found them. I have always loved brand spanking new baby kittens, still damp from the afterbirth, and so helpless.

In the late eighties I had three female cats that all had litters at the same time, and I had Kittens coming out of my ears! Miss Piggy had her litter under my bed, and I pulled the bed away from the wall and reached under to pick them up. SHe thought that was just fine. I left them that way until I woke up one morning with all of them in bed with me. Miss Piggy had decided that if I wanted them up there she would oblige me.

When I was a teenager, we had Siamese cats, and the momma cat was very attached to Mom and Dad, and had her litter under the covers in Moms bed, right up against her bare leg. That was different.

I dont have any kittens now, and it is probably just as well. with all the cats I have and am taking care of, I dont need any more. THe three I have are PLENTY, then with Lint, my SOn's cat, here, and the two I am taking care of for Dottie, THere are more than enough felines in this house. I sure would love to raise a litter of kittens though.

ANd I have to confess, the picture below of Bea, isnt. It looks just like her, but it is not her. Right now she is looking pretty tattered, because of her haircut, but she is definately better off for it. She will grow her wool back in a month or so, and will look just like that picture again.


Hey Leslie, Did you hear me yelling? Whoot!! I was so afraid that NBC had pulled the game, but it was playing on an auxilliary channel. Whew!! SO I got to see the whole game. Now on to Monday!! Go Oilers!! We want the CUP!!

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