Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am POOPED!!...

I got up this morning expecting SERVICE MASTER to come out and finish the prep work on the subfloor, but they called and needed to cancel until 4-5 this afternoon. That was fine with me, as I had tons of errands to run. So I sat down wrote out the checks for my car insurance and my house payment and 2nd mortgage, and made a list of places I had to hit while in town. Only 1 or 2 trips into town any more. So I headed out, went to Whidbey Coffee and got an iced latte for breakfast, then ran over to the Playhouse to pick up mat boards for the past two shows, so I can do the lobby posters. Then I ran into State Farm and pain my Car insurance, stopped by the Dutch Maid Laundry and turned in 5 blouses to get cleaned, ran over to Skagit Farmers Supply to get suet for the woodpeckers. I then skipped over to Home Depot and got more paint. I needed 1 more quart for the hall bathroom, and I knew I would need more mixed for the bedroom, so I got that too.

I got home at 300, and right behind me was Service Master. So I herded the cats into the garage and Sadie outside, and let him do his thing while I finished painting my bedroom.

Since I went ahead and ordered the carpeting for my Bedroom also, (my expense, it didn't get wet) and I needed to get the rug off the floor before they put the new one down, I moved all the furniture over to one side of the room, tore out the baseboards, and pulled up the carpet from under the dressers, rolled it up and after the wall was painted, I moved the dressers over the roll and onto the bare floor. Then I called My SIL Sherry to come help me lift the bed over the roll, so I could walk, and then finished tearing out the baseboards around the room. Now the rug is loose, and waiting for Bob to come over and help me carry it out of the room. 13 years of walking and living on that carpet, and you should SEE the sand that is under the pad!! DISGUSTING!!!! Once the carpets and flooring are all in, I am gonna make EVERYBODY take their shoes off when they come in.

I also found a copy of windows XP and installed that on my laptop, so I could then install Office 2003 on it too. That took 75 minutes, and I did it on my tummy on my bed in my newly painted and clean bedroom, while I watched the CONCERT of South Pacific on PBS!!

It is now 1100, and I am dirty, and sweaty, and full of paint, and my back hurts and my KNEES are revolting because of all the time I spent on them the past three days. But by GOD, the walls are all painted except for the utility room which gets done tomorrow! Then when Rusty can get her boys (men) convinced that they need to paint my ceilings, I am in great shape!! If she cant convince them, then I will do it myself, and get it over with.

All of the things I had on the list, I did EXCEPT THE HOUSE PAYMENT!!!! SHIT!!! I FORGOT THE HOUSE PAYMENT!!! Ah well, if they reposes, they will get a new house...

time for a long hot soak in Epsom salts!! Wish I had some foo-foo juice!! Ah well.

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