Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hot weather wimp!

We have just gone through three days of record breaking temperatures.  Yeah Yeah, I know, I’m a wimp!!  Ok I admit it.  I can’t function in the heat.  I really really can’t!  That is why I chose to make the Pacific Northwest my home.  In fact if I had a way to make a living, I would move to an even Colder region than here.  It never really breached the 100 degree F mark, but it came close.  I lay there under the fan, with all the windows open, wishing I had central air!  I sweat a LOT! Always have.  Even when I was really thin, I just pore water out of my pores.  It weakens me tremendously.  I cant move, cant breathe, My muscles get really weak, and when I stand up I feel like my legs are going to collapse.  It actually scares me.

Last night as the tow guy was unloading errant Son’s crappy red van from the back of the tow truck, the wind started in.  A cold brisk fast wind!  It was like someone turned the energy beam on me and I gulped big gulps of fresh cool air into my lungs.  I stayed out there in the driveway for the whole hour it took to unload the ugly red thing from his truck.  When I went back into the house all of the animals were laying right  in front of the storm door all splayed out and soaking up the cooling air.

I came in and turned off all the fans except for the one in the bathroom which needs to dry out the room, and just let the air fill the house.  We had gale force winds coming off the Strait, and with the low coming in off the Pacific, the wind was quite cool.  We call this nature’s air conditioner.  Trust me, I had it on full blast too.  AHHHHHHH felt so goood!!!

I took a hot shower and lay down on the bed to dry off, and actually got a good chill.  I crawled under the covers, and snuggled in for the night.  I was in heaven.

I went in to see Tim this afternoon, and told him that all of his wordly possessions are now sitting in my driveway.  He gave a big sigh of releif.  He was afraid he was gonna lose everything again.  You would think that because this happened to him before, that he would LEARN wouldn’t you?  No he is a man, no sense at all.  Hopefully this time he will not go back to Orcas Island, and when He gets out of Prison, he can start his life over, and make something of himself.  

I went to the Dr. for my yearly visit last Thursday, and my Blood pressure was 172/102!  The Dr. asked if I had any stress in my life right now?  Uh. Yeah!!  Flood, son in Prison, wet floors, still not dry floors, walking on subfloor….You could say that.  SO I have to try and get my life in order so I can live a few more years longer.  Im back on BP meds, which should drop it.  I go back in 5 weeks, to recheck.  My Cholesteral is wonderful!  My Hg1C was 7.5 which is wonderful, and I did not gain any weight this year.  WHOOT>  (did not lose any either! DRAT)

I put up a flat of strawberries using a new recipe, and I have to redo them because they did not set right!  GRRR!!  So Tonight when it cools off a bit, I will be sitting over a very hot stove, making jam again!  Wish I could find some really cheap tomatoes to can!!