Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday visiting day...

I could not sleep at all last night, I was so sore and hurting from all the work I did this week. I tried, but I just could not get to sleep. Finally about 630 AM I said screw it and got up. Drank a cup of left over coffee, warmed in the microwave. (YUCK) and putzed around the house. I finally got sleepy about 900 so I laid down to see if I could get a few hours sleep before time to go visit the felon! I think I got all of maybe 90 minutes. Ah well.

I drove in to see Tim at 100, and stayed for 15 minutes, then drove on back home. Bob was right behind me, as we were going to go to the matinee and see DaVinci Code. We got into town, and the movie was gone!!! Ah well!! So we went window shopping at Home Depot. Whee.... THen To Applebees for a hamburger for dinner, and back home.

Bob wanted to surf for awhile,so I did some poster work for the Playhouse, and he surfed in the office. He is very illiterate when it comes to computers, so I had to keep yelling directions to him. He is a brilliant man, but he can NOT spell. So every five minutes "How do you spell, receivers?" "How do you spell Kayak?" Whee again!

Now I am laying on my tummy playing with my wonderful laptop! It is so nice to have it working right again. I just wish I had all of my pictures on this one, but I dont have, so I will have to find new places to look.

While I am thinking of it, My side bar is all out of date, so look over there, and if your blog is not listed, or not listed correctly, let me know so I can re do them all. I still have Kimmotion on there, and I know she went away. ;)

It is COLD tonight! DOWN INTO THE 40'S!! So I have my afghan out and the cats are loving it. THey are all curled up on their part of the bed,on top of the afghan. Time to go let Sadie in for nite-nite. Have a great weekend ya'll!

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