Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow and MORE snow

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We have had a LOT of snow and cold and freezing rain down here at sea level or as they say on tv...the LOW LANDS. But what we have as rain down here, turns into SNOW in the mountains. We have 5 cross cascade passes in Washington State, and 4 out of 5 of them are closed right now due to snow. This is very unusual. Snoqualmie Pass is our lowest pass, at 3500 feet and is the major cross cascade pass. I-90 crosses here. Right now there is so much snow up there that the WSDOT is working around the clock trying to keep the avalanche danger down. for the past 48 hours there have been two MAJOR natural avalanches, shutting down both directions of the pass. Normally when this happens, Stevens US 2 is open as is White Pass, US 12. North Cascades SR 20 closes in November and reopens in spring. And then there is I-84 at the Washington Oregon Border. right now, ALL are closed except US -12, which is restricted to small vehicles only. WHEW! this leaves us isolated again. We have a lot of freight using the interstates, E-W and they are all lined up on both sides of the pass waiting for snow removal to finish. Latest word is MAYBE 4PM. MAYBE not until tomorrow morning.

Snow is not unusual for us, but the HEAVY snow is! in the pasat week they say the pass has gotten 4-6 FEET of new snow. And more on the way. In the lowlands, we are getting rain, and sleet. The temperatures down here are hovering around 38-40 F.

At least right now the wind has stopped. We are having sun breaks, and while the sun is out, the rays are very warm. The cats all have a window or a piece of furniture and are stretched out soaking it up.

THe birds have cleaned out the feeders over the past two days, so I need to fill them back up and replace the suet for the chickadees, the kinglets and the woodpeckers. THe Juncos love the millet and the sunflower seeds. The doves eat anything.

My new neighbors have 4 cats that they let run outside all the time, so needless to say I no longer have my squirrels visiting. I miss Lola!! :(
I will say that these cats are soooo friendly. THey crave attention. THe owners are only here on the weekends, and they have a cat door in the garage door, so they can go in and out and get out of the weather, but there was only mama and 3 kittens in July, but now the babies are grown and they are still here. They are all named after motorcyles! mama in Jawa, and the babies are Apprello, Cotton, And Indian. And they RUN towards you when they hear a human voice. I feel so bad for them, and I love kitties, but I DONT let my cats out AT ALL, and I dont want them in my back yard! I may have to sic Sadie on them.

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