Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Still broken

I am beginning to think my computer is possesed! It turns itself on and off in the middle of the night, almost like someone else is controlling it. I cant get to my gmail page at all. I have to check my gmail through outlook express which is fine, but I cant delete the spam folder and some emails are legite and get sent to the spam folder. I can get to google, but not gmail. It is so weird! and I no longer have ANYTHING above this compose box....NADA no html, no link icon, no camera icon, to fonts, colors NOTHING. And of course as with anything that is widely popular, the help desk is non existant.

DO NOT PATRONIZE BLOCKBUSTER!!!!! THeir ability to help you out if there is a problem is less than satisfactory. I had tried their FREE on line for a week promotion, and obviously gave them my bank account number. (????) so for 6 months they have been debiting my account for 19.98 every month. Now mind you I have not USED them except the very first WEEK which was FREE. I have a bad habit of not looking at my bank statement, and when I did this week, I noticed a debit to blockbuster. I went back and checked the rest of the statements and sure enough there they are. every month since July of 2007! I called, waited for 20 minutes and finally got a nice young lady who said it was my fault for not following up on the debits. Yeah I KNOW that, but you also have no record of me ever renting a movie in the past 7 months either. so she would only refund me 3 months worth, and refused to give me to a supervisor or a manager. SO I AM BOYCOTTING BLOCKBUSTER for taking advantage of the sick and infirm, and possible mentally challenged Senior citizens! (ok, that MAY be a stretch, but that is what I felt like after dealing with the nice young lady who will one day be an old fart too!) GRRRRRRRR


Granny Annie said...

If you want a refund of those unauthorized charges, contact your State Attorney General asking for assistance getting the charges refunded. Copy your letter to the AG to Blockbuster and to your bank. You will get those charges refunded.

They tried to make you feel guilty and to make you believe it was your fault. If you leave your keys in you car and your car is stolen, does that make it your fault? Heck no. A thief is a thief even if they come in the form of a legitimate business. They are counting on you giving up. Don't let them get by with this.

bill said...

Turning itself on and off in the middle of the night? Very weird. Try pulling out the plug before you go to bed.

To get to gmail type "" in the box.