Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is it just ME?

Does anybody else have a problem trying to post pictures on Blogger? THere used to be an edit bar right under the title box, just above this post box. There used to be an icon with a camera, and I would click on that and up would pop another box to direct my picture into. Now there is nothing!!!! has not been for about 3 weeks. Oh WAIT, there was once that it popped up but not since. I am getting really pissed!!!!

Next subject...On CSI, And WIthout a Trace and NCIS they show the director, or cheif or whomever, sitting in their offices, alone and drinking alcohol. Now I don't know what Navy they are writing about in NCIS, but the NAVY I worked for that was totally against the rules!! ANd any police dept I know of would not allow drinking on the job either. Are they taking poetic license or have times really changed?

I think my hair grew about 1/8 of an inch...HURRY!!!!

I have been in severe pain this week. my back is soooo sore. I got into the pool Yesterday and instant relief! I spent an hour and a half working out. I will say that the instructors have been different, and the workouts really different, so they may be doing something that is not good for my back.

I am almost done with the PLAYHOUSE creating that I have been doing this week. I just have the posters to finish, and I am ready for the 19th! (Whew)

I also am getting ready for auditions for my show. Feb 3-4 and then I will have a cast! Whoo-hoo.

I apent all weekend moving all my JPEG files off my hard drive onto CD's, wow, That really made a difference, but now I cant find anything. I guess I really should do this once a week or so, and ORGANIZE them into sensible folders huh?

I made a crock pot full of Split pea soup, using left over ham, and Onions, and I cooked it on Low for 24 hours, and then I looked. OH GOD!!! It is brown, and burnt, and scorched, and lumpy like really bad baby poop! I smelled it all night long, and really wanted some and some corn bread. I threw it out. Guess I will go make some scrambled eggs. sometimes I just can't cook! othertimes I cook really really GOOD!

Or I could go bake a cake...Chocolate! WIth Chocolate frosting!! Yeah, that's sounding really good. wonder if I have a cake mix....

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