Monday, January 07, 2008

Another boring Monday...

Actually I have been busier than heck trying to get everything done that I need to do around the house, and for the Playhouse. My computer also slowed WAAAAAAY down, and I have been working night and day trying to get it to go faster. I tried de-fragging, but it didnt need it, I ran all the virus checks, spyware etc, re-booted, did scan disk, yadayada. I kept getting an application hang! I have no idea what causes that...old age?
I finally got the idea to remove ALL of my JPEG files (tons and tons) and copied them all to cd, and then deleted them off my hard drive. I run a little faster now but I am still crossing fingers. I tried to restore, but I could not go back any further than Jan 1, and it was running slow then too, so..........I need a resident geek!

I did not hear from Tim this weekend. :( see how soon they forget about their mommies? I got a collect call every Saturday, but this weekend was sposed to be his first 20 hour Pass, and he did not call. DEAR GOD PLEASE KEEP HIS ASS OUT OF TROUBLE!!

I got a years pass to the swimming pool for Christmas, so I have no excuse now for not going.

I also had my hair cut. SHORT! REALLY REALLY SHORT!! TOO SHORT!! I look like a Dyke!! :( It sticks straight up in the back just like alfalpha on OUR GANG. AH well, it will grow, and it is easier to wash the clorine out of now. Just a big big change for me. IT WAS Shoulder length, and now the LONGEST part is 2 inches!!

For those of you that do not read Phyllis' blog, My Brother Mike had a clean brain scan!! THANK YOU LORD! So all we are dealing with is the abdominal cancer, and the treatments.

I certainly hope this year gets better and better!

On to cleaning house!!

GREAT JOB IOWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Brent you done good)

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