Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year !!

I am still here! i have been extremely busy and stressed, so I have not been in the computer room at all. Poor baby thinks I dont love him anymore!

Our Brother was acting kinda spacey on Christmas, so he went to the Dr, and he ordered a CT Scan of his brain. Then Friday, the Dr called and had him go back in on Sat for another scan, because he saw something he didnt like. Today Mike had his third chemo treatment and was sposed to see his Dr for his brain scan, but wont now until Wednesday. We spent all day in the oncology clinic today. I am pooped! just sitting and worrying drains ya.

I drove up to see Tim yesterday and he looks really good. He starts work at Meridian Tires on Wednesday and MAY get to come home for a few hours on Sunday! Yippee!! All he will be doing though is going through his van and seeing what all he has left. Not much that I can tell.

The sun finally came out today! and tonight it is due to get below freezing, but still no snow.

I will be posting very sparely in the next three weeks, as I have a ton of stuff to get ready for the Playhouse. Just like me to wait until the last minute. THen I have to get started on prep for My show February 3-4 Auditions. SOcial Security by Andrew Bergman. FUNNY SHOW! It opens April 3, and runs through the 18th.

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year. and Thank you for understanding our absence! I think of all of you every day! I Really do. It is so nice to have friends who stick by you through all the rough times.

Happy New Year!!

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