Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm getting a SON for Christmas. Tim got word last week that he will be transfered from Olympic COrrections Center, to a work release house in Bellingham. He will be going sometime next week, but they are not allowed to say when.

I will know when I get the phone call, that he is in work release, and when I can come see him. He MIGHT be able to come home for Christmas Dinner. Bellingham is only an hour's drive away, and no ferries to deal with, so It will be easy for me to get there.

I am so relieved!! Now to get him through the next 6 months and then on to a full time job! I guess being a Mother never stops! He sounds so UP! he swears that he will NEVER do anything wrong again. We shall see. I have faith in him and Told him so, so Hopefully hw will not dissappoint me. I think he grew up quite a bit in there.

My Brother Mike started his Chemo last week, had two in hospital treatments, and came home with a bag strapped to him. He goes back on Dec 17Th for another treatment. He is feeling a lot better, and since he was put on antidepressants, his mood seems a lot happier too. At least it sounds like he has some hope now where before he had NONE. I know this is just buying him time, but My God, 3 years plus is a long time for a miracle to happen.

My husband died giving himself an insulin shot, so he never even saw it coming and left a lot undone. At least Mike has some time to do what he needs to do, and plan for his ending. Hopefully there will be a cure or a remission, and hewill have many more years. Cancer is such an EVIL Beast!

With everything that has been going on, I forgot to make Christmas Cards this year! So some of you will be getting an e-card and a promise that I will not forget you next year. I feel so terrible about that! I remembered it today! SO even if I got started tonight, there is no way that I could get them made, mailed and paid for this month. You will all just have to forgive me.

NOw to re-decorate the bottom of the tree, as I hear Schroeder in there knocking the lower ornaments off again! I forgot about having a kitten too. ACK!!

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