Saturday, January 19, 2008


STILL no edit bar on here!! I guess they dont answer their support mail!!
I just want to put a picture on my post!!

Well today is PLAYDAY and I am READY!!! Now I need to figure out how to get this spray adhesive off my hands. We have a hard decision to make cutting these twelve down to 5!

A Bad Year For Tomatoes
Christmas Belles
It Runs In The Family
Leading Ladies
Cover of Life
Night Watch
King O' The Moon
Kiss Me Kate
Peter Pan
Fiddler on the Roof

THe musicals are the hardest, as everybody wants them, but nobody wants to direct them as they are all hard to do. I would like to see Kiss Me Kate or Gypsy, and MAYBE Peter Pan.

And for the Non-musicals

Cover of Life
Night Watch
King O' The Moon

But I only have one vote. It will ultimately be up to the board to decide, once the members vote and narrow it down, and the call for directors goes out. If no director is interested, then we pick something else, and that is how the directors get what they want to do! Screwy I know....

I went up and spent the day with Tim yesterday. He is getting restless. He is allowed to go to work, and back and NO WHERE ELSE. He can go shopping with me, but He has to put down exactly WHERE we will go before we leave. Since we dont know Bellingham that well, it is hard. We went to Vallue Village and Goodwill to find some work clothes, and then McDonalds drive through. He is starting to think all these rules are stupid...and that will be where he fails if he does! I told him I dont care if they are stupid or not, STAY LEGAL!!! and you can still think they are stupid, but DO THEM! (Shithead!) Cinco de Mayo is his release date, and the parole officer is coming to inspect my house on Tuesday! Now why am I worried I wont pass inspection? HECK I DONT KNOW!!

I need a new camera! My wonderful Sony cybershot, has lost the flash! It goes off, but just barely lights! takes GREAT outdoor pictures, but not indoors. WAHHHH!! I Loved my SOny! Now I want a SOny SLR Digital! 10.2 Megapixels. Will I get it? RIGHT!!!! not.

It has been right on the verge of snowing for a week. 36-40 but not 32!! Darn!! I want snow!!

I come home tonight and tomorrow I clean house and get ready for the Parole Officer, then I can relax and get ready for AUDITIONS for Social Security Feb 3-4! THen I will be busy until April 24! then relax again, until Tim comes home. THen I can get my honey-do list ready for him to work on! Lots to kepp a strong son busy for awhile. New roof, new woodpile, new garden, clean garage....HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

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