Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Miss Granola has been busy!!

Ya'll need to go over to DOnna's place at and look at the wonderful yarn she has been spinning. I would put the magic link and a purtty picture up here for you all to see but dumbass BLOGGER still has no edit bar on my posting page. I have tried EVERYTHING. I cant even switch from compose to html posting anymore. just plain old vanilla. Any way, please stop by Donna's blog aka CHEMYSTERY aka omnipotentbenevolentempress. She does not update often but when she does.....

Mean while, I am trying out different squares to make an afghan with, and can't find the one that strikes my fancy. THis one will be for ME! I am getting a used sofa next month, and it is dated, so it needs an afghan over it. Can't wait.

It has been so darned cold here for us. In the 20F nights and 30's days. BRRRRR Needless to say I have not gone swimming this week. I would be a popsicle driving home. I know, bad excuse...I will go back Monday. I Promise!!

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