Wednesday, January 30, 2008


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I am getting ready to Open Auditions for my Play SOcial Security which opens in APRIL 2008. I have not directed in over a year, so this is going to be a time consumer for awhile.

This is the story of 2 sisters, one of whom is married to a NEW YORK Art Dealer, and the other is married to a Long Island Accountant. MOTHER lives with sister # 2, and is being sent to live with Sister # 1 because there is a crisis in Sister #2's family.

THis is a very funny play, with Mom coming into the elegant apartment of Sister #1 complete with curlers, walker, dirty housecoat, and a case of Sour balls of which she only half finishes, then spits them everywhere.

Enter Maurice who is an elderly Artist, and Love Blooms between Mom and Maurice, which also rubs off on Sister # 1 and her husband. Love and Sex and relationships between all family members are looked at in this two act comedy by Andrew Bergman.

I will be very busy between now and May huh?

In order to publish pictures, I had to download PICASA (which I did not want to do as it takes up TONS of space, and found all the pictures that I thought I deleted off my hard drive!) and then open it, find the photo I wanted and then click the blog this button, which then opened my blogger dashboard, had to sign in and then save as draft and then edit and write and publish. It used to be so easy, now there are a lot more steps to go through, but at least I can post pictures again.



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