Sunday, January 20, 2008


I would love to post a picture of my Baby boy, all grown up with a full coat grown out, but stupid BLOGGER won't give me back my edit bar so that I can!! SO until it does, you get plain vanilla posts!! GRRRR

Schroeder has calmed down somewhat since his "operation" but he still bites when ever I pet his tummy and anywhere NEAR his "package" place. Not little love bites either, big CHOMP BITE MOMMIE bites. He does still want his loving at night though. AS soon as I turn off the evening news and start reading my book, he jumps up and lays on the book and purrs so sweetly! then I slowly move the book over, and he quickly plops on it again. Loves this game he does!!

Tonight, I heard MOANS coming from the living room, and it sounded like someone was dying. I jumped up and ran in to see what was going on, and he SCREAMED! and promptly barfed up his first fur ball! Talkabout a sissy boy!! once that was over, and he realized that he would live, he looked at me as if to say...WHAT!? and slowly walked away looking back over his shoulder at the tiny little barf ball he spewed out. Boys are such sissy's aren't they?

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