Saturday, January 26, 2008


Or rather brokEN!! I have been reading the questions that other people havee asked and it appears that blogger does not bother answering their emails. If Blogger was taken over by GOOGLE and GOOGLE is making money hand over fist, and is listed as the number one place to work, maybe one of their CEO's should take a real hard look at what their tech guys are REALLY doing, to make it such a great place to work. Obviously it is not CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I think If I was in charge, I would make it MANDATORY to answer all emails within 48 hours! AND NOT BY MACHINE EITHER! A PERSON! I have liked Blogger for 5 years now, and had no reason to want to change, but I just may have to think about this again. are any of you having a problem commenting on Blogger? On MY site? (I know I did on OTHER peoples who were using the Blogger comments. I use Haloscan. Quite a few blogs are missing too... interesting reading there. click on help and read...(Not that it really HELPS you, but at least you know you are not in this soup alone!!!) GRRRRRRRRRR

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