Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And on to a lighter note...

I am helping out with the Children's program, Pollyanna, that opens next week. OHMIGAWD!! what a hoot!! The poor little kids are trying very hard, and they just are not ready. I sat through Cast A's rehearsal on Monday night, and "Aunt Polly" could not remember her lines. SHe kept freezing and looking over at the prompter. Meanwhile, there is this teeny tiny little person playing "Old Tom" that has her lines NAILED. unfortunately she says them in monotone and reallyfastcauseifyoustopmeiwillforgetwhatiwassupposedtosay! I laughed and laughed. They are so cute!!! Their costumes have to fit the Cast 1 also, so needless to say, they all fit rather loosely. And watching a 10 yr old try and walk in heels is hysterical! CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP TRIP!

My friend Rusty, got hoodwinked into taking over the show as the former Director was too busy to do it. Rusty is used to working with kids, but not with a show half done already. She will get there, but it is a long reach. I know they will forget their lines...They should have a prompter behind the curtain feeding lines to them. They are going to need it!

Our next Season presentation is The Caine Mutiny COurt Martial which is under way right now. I am producing that, and it is in the first week of rehearsal. This should be an easy one, as the set is simple, and the lighting is all the same except for scene blackouts. Piece of CAKE!! We have several military men playing the roles of the Lawyers, and the defendant and Queeg. It should be a sell out. I HOPE!!

I just finished DOnna's crocheted Bag, and it is really cute!! I may make one for myself!! I tried to post a picture but blogger says NO so I will have to get bloggerbot to do it.

donnas bag

Next on the Agenda is an afghan for Tim. And the picture for that is on it's way too. Then Bill (SIL) wants one too, and then Sherry (SIS IN LAW) wants one, so I will be busy for awhile. I am enjoying this. I did nto think I would, but I am. And then I am going to break out my Cross stitch and try to finish projects there.


Meanwhile I am packing my bag to go drag Leslie to the Dr!! (that oughta get her moving huh?) ;)

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