Tuesday, March 28, 2006

AHHH Spring at LAST...

Last Saturday, Barb and I got together and went sight seeing. It gave us a chance to talk, and it gave her a chance to see some places she had not been in quite a while.

I had never made it over to the Skagit Valley to see the Daffodils, so we drove over there, and found two fields in full flower. There used to be many more fields, but they are all being turned over to contractors and real estate developers. It is a real shame, as this is one of the prime fertile farm land in the Northwest, that continuously is farmed. THe younger generation is opting not to follow their fathers and grandfathers footsteps and are selling off the farm land. It is so sad to see.

THe daffodils that we did see are gorgeous. The Tulip fields are popping up green stzlks, and they should be ready along about Mid April. There used to be fields and fields of yellow daffodils, and red tulips and pink, and black, and orange and yellow tulips and then blue Iris's but there are just a few now.

After we toured the valley, Barb wanted to see Mt Erie, so up we drove. It is what they call an erratic. A giant rock/mountain left by glacial melt, right in the middle of the flat lands. this humongous hunk of rock and trees is about 1000 feet high, and the road up winds around trees and gulleys to get to the top. Once up on the top, the views are spectacular, a wide view from Canada to Seattle. This is looking down to the South, at Campbell Lake, and then on to Whidbey Island, and Camano Island, and across the sound to the Olympic mountains. THe day was the BEST we could have asked for. Just a slight breeze and the clouds wer staying over the mountains, so we had the full effect of the sun. Unfortunately the sun was right in my eyes, so the pictures may seem a bit hazy. The little island you see in the lake is according to Ripley, on of the only islands in a lake on an island. Hard to believe, but he surely would not lie...

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