Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pollyanna...childrens version.

One of the reasons I have been so sparce lately is that I have been helping out with the kids production of POLLYANNA. It is not my show, but my Firend Rusty was asked to take over directing it and she asked me (ok, I butted in!) to help with the show.

Kids are NOT my thing, because they really bug me when they continually butt in and ask all kinds of questions while I am trying to talk to someone. Drives me CRAZY!

These kids are CUTE!!! I sat through the shows (two different casts) to take candid pictures, and let me tell you, I wanted to giggle! If someone forgot their lines, their eyes got really big and panic took over, until one of the other kids would stage whisper the lines to them. FUNNY!!! And these are all tiny little kids playing adult roles. So Old TOm is sposed to be an old grouchy man and he is played by a 3' high 5 year old. But I mean to tell ya, THey know their lines! And dont stop them for anything, because they will start over and recitethemallatonceagainandnotstopforanything. LOLOLOLOLOL

It is really hard NOT to love working with them. and with only 1 exception they were all really good little kids, and hare having a ton of fun. I forgot how cute Kids plays were! If it has been a long time since you have been to one, do yourself a favor and go to a grade school play! It does your heart good!

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