Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring? Ya THink?

It did not freeze again last night. Came real close though. I woke up this morning to a cloudy sky, and just laid there watching all the birds come to the platform feeders. I hear a loud whistle like gargle and knew that the red wings were back! I looked out and sure enough, there was a flock of about 50 blackbirds, mostly females and yearlings, at the feeders, they would eat then as if on cue, they all took flight at once and went on to the next house. They would be gone about 15 minutes and then hit the feeders again. I love to listen to their call, it is so musical, almost like a meadowlark. Below the communitee, there is a huge shallow lake filled with cattails and reeds, and this is where the blackbirds nest and breed. THe reeds are not ready yet, so the birds are eating from feeders until they match up and get their nests built.

Along with the blackbirds, the flocks of siskins came back. I have had them year round before, but not this year, and last week there were a few, but this time there were about 30 and they were hitting the Niger feeder with a vengeance. Soon the finches will start pairing up and the black headed grosbeaks will come back. ALthough they were not in the numbers last year as they were the year before. But year before last was the dreaded YEAR OF THE CATERPILLARS...which they feasted on. So I may not see the grosbeaks this year. I will gladly trade them for no caterpillars! (shudder)

I looked out front and the front yard was covered with robins!! so as you can tell, the birds are all back, so Spring CAN'T be that far away. We are expecting another winter storm to hit his weekend, but if the temperatures stay above freezing, then we can relax!

I am sooo ready for spring.

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