Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday afternoon...

I was awake all night long with a spasm running down my left side, and to my knee! My back needed to pop, and just would not. I have a pinched sciatic nerve, and MAN it hurts when it wants to. Needless to say I did not get much sleep. I finally fell asleep around 615 and crawled out of ben around 830 when Sadie wanted out to pee. Then I stumbled back to bed, and slept until noon!! I dont like doing this, as I dont get to see much of the day that way.

Last night before I went to bed, I stood out on the back deck, looking at the alder trees. The sky was dark, no moon, but yet was putting out enough starlight I guess that the ALder trees were silouhetted against the dark background. I thought as I stood and looked at them that they looked like giant fish skeletons standing upright on their tails. you could see every branch and they were beautiful. THey are also starting to send out their catkins, which will mean pollen will start flying any day now.

I still have seen no Hummingbirds. ANd no Black headed grosbeaks yet. I did however have a young SEAGULL sit at the feeder and stare down at the peanuts in there. COcking his head and staring down with one eye down and one eye up. Seagulls have webbed feet, so it had to be hard for him to sit on the top of the deck post and perch there. I thought that was rather odd, as I am far enough up the hill away from the water that there is really no reason for him to want to come up there.

Right now the sun is out bright and warm, but the wind has a definate chill to it yet. I had planned to work in the front yard this weekend, but not with my back like it is. NOPE, dont need a chill to settle in back there and really give me fits.

On to other things now...ya'll have fun.

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