Monday, February 27, 2006

Judge Not Least ye be Judged...


Religious piety has hit our blog world. At least in my small bit of it. With the firing of D. And the demand that they take their blogs down, two of our own have been censored. All in the name of religion. True, I do not know the whole story, and I probably never will, but for the three years that I have been blogging, K. Has been up beat, above board, and honest! She was a Pastors' wife who was managing to hold on to her own family while having to deal with the problems and frustrations of D's Church families. She did it with class.

D. And K. Brought humanness to the perception of a Man of God. And in fact that is what he is supposed to be. HUMAN! He has a life and failings of his own. The only one who is above human level is GOD! Not a sanctuary full of hypocrites who feel that they are the only type of Christian there should be. BALDERDASH!!

I was a very devote Christian during my growing up years. A member in good standing of the United Methodist Church. Things happened and I fell away from that church and formed my own relationship with God. That does not make me less of a Christian, or less of a person, it just means that things happened that forced me to find another way.

I was becoming cynical at all of the Jesus freaks trying to tell me that His way was the ONLY way. It isn't. I was trying to form a way of reconciling with Christ, when Sept 11, 2001 happened. I was flumoxed! I could not believe that a being could allow that to happen in HIS NAME!! Christian, Jew, or Muslim, we all worship the SAME GOD!! Then other things started happening, and I was becoming less and less enchanted with a belief that would hurt so many innocent people. History goes back and shows you that Christians did the same thing in God's name. THere were the Crusades against the Muslims, There was the Inquisition, (shudder) THere was Hitler, James (WHAT"S HIS NAME and his purple koolaid.) Jones. All in GOD's name!!

Now we have a man of God, trying his darndest to bring people to his congregation, in a way that was different. Not stogy, not all-knowing, but down to earth. Like Man really is. Suddenly he is held to a higher standard because a person calling themselves a good Christian found his blog and was offended at one thing he/she saw on it. Now instead of calling him on the carpet or moving on, it was decided to read ALL of their links and comments. K. has NEVER done anything that I would consider obscene or off color. I Know that D. was having some very difficult times with his depression but I dont think that should be a reason to remove him from his pulpit.

If in fact these GOOD CHRISTIAN people are reading links, and comments, then they are probably reading my blog too, as I commented frequently on K's. To me this is censorship. If you are offended by what you read, then do us all a favor and go elsewhere!

Christian censorship is getting out of hand. TV stations refusing to show a program because it showed a Diety in a bad light. COME ON!! Did any of you watch it? It was GREAT! It showed that a minister and a Bishop have failings too. That should not have been a reason to not show it.

This is now affecting ME and what I want to read, and what I want to watch on TV. And I don't like it one little bit. SO all of you out there that may have come here to see what kind of pornography I may be spewing. check out the archives!! I think I said the word Fuck about 4 times in three years. Maybe a little more. I think I showed my Boobs once. (even though they were covered by a sweater) I talk about my wild life. OOPS that should have been WILDLIFE, and I talk about seeing Lola's backside to see that it really was SAL on the squirrel feeder! and He was eating his nuts! (peanuts)

We in this small community listed on the right hand side bars, are your above average Human beings. We have lives that we talk about, we have hobbies that we show, we talk about our feelings, and hurt when others in our community hurt. We have weight problems and marital problems and kid problems and drinking problems, and some of us even have political problems, but what we dont have is the power to want to censor one tiny little word we read. That is our given right under the US COnstitution. We do have the power to delete, and to not go back to a site that we feel is truely offensive. (Ok, so we do go back to see just how bad DICK can get, but we know he is all bluster!)

You who did have the power to remove a very caring man from his pulpit will get your just due. I hope you sleep well tonight, knowing that you have destroyed a man who really cared about his congregation. You have a woman who is losing faith in her community.

You have done a good job of making sure that I may NEVER go back to organized religion again. I left it because of people like you and I will probably just stay away because of hypocrites like you. I will instead sit on a bluff or the top of a mountain and talk to my God. He doesn't demand a THING from me, not Money, not nice clothes, nothing, and He does not care that I may say something wrong.

He and ONLY He will be my Judge! I sure hope he judges you as harshly as you judged D.

Ok Rant over!!

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