Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summer's end...?

For the past few days the Sun has been out, but it has not been as warm as it looked. At night it gets down into the 40's F. It has also been very still. No wind blowing just a slight breeze...just enough to let you know that the leaves are drying out and Fall is on the way. The ships in the Strait are blaring their fog horns, so even though I cant see the fog up this high, I know it has settled in on the water. Yep, Fall is just around the corner. Warm days and cool nights makes for fog. We call it Nature's Air COnditioner. THe ferry every morning blows it's fog horn all the way across the water. A lonely sound. Every once in a while it will be answered by a deeper louder voice, a freighter on it's way out to sea. I lay there in bed listening to the music they play and loving it!! It is so comforting to me. It takes me back to my child hood when we had fog horns all along the island on the west side, and you could hear them, in their un even toots. And you knew just which one was making the noise. I love it still.

I am right in the middle of A CHORUS LINE, and it is really keeping me busy. THe Director is new to our Playhouse, and I have found that she was expecting me to do things that I normally would not do. SO I am busier thatn normal.

The picture is one of the cast during rehearsal. We dont have our costumes finished nor the set painted yet. I started setting lights tonight, but they will not all be completed until next week end. This show is kicking my butt.

The Oak Harbor Pool has been closed this week for cleaning and reconditioning, so no aquarobics. I tried to go down to the pool on the beach, but the sun has been out and so have the teenagers. So I have not been swimming this week and I can feel it.

This weekend is going to be a full and busy one, we have 5 birthdays we are celebrating on Saturday. Sherry is 50 DOnna is 40 and Galen is 30, then Mike and TIm. On Sunday I am sposed to be in two places. A minor league baseball game in Everett and a BBQ at a friends house. I am afraid I have to go to the BBQ and miss the ball game. DAMN!

Monday I will be setting lights and filming the commercial and then Tuesday is more lights. ARRGGHH!

THis too shall pass, just like the summer has, fast and furious.
Be safe!

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